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Real Estate
La Paz Real Estate La Paz has recently been voted by both the LA Times and Money Magazine as one of the top three places for retirement in the world, and general real estate development and investment is growing at an incredibly rapid rate.

For years now the Cabo area just southwest of La Paz has had most of the real estate action. For many people Cabo offers what they want, for the rest of us who enjoy old town Mexico and relaxation not to mention the Sea of Cortez, La Paz has what we want.

La Paz is much more family oriented then most tourist towns as the pace tends to be a little slower and rich history is everywhere as La Paz recently celebrated its 470th birthday.

Being the capital of Baja Sur you are able to acquire and process all required paperwork and documents right here without having to travel or wait around for them to be returned from other cities.

Very few things in life are guaranteed but one sure bet is that if you visit La Paz you will wonder why more cities are not like it and if you're here long enough you'll realize it's the people that make this the city of peace.

Real Estate

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Taco Street Stands Don't blame your morning rush to the pot on those tacos, better chance it was Doctor Tacothe mass consumption of spirits that did you in. Street stand tacos could be just what the doctor ordered.