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Being at the entrance of the Mar de Cortez it would only seem normal for La Paz with its large bay too have several Marina's catering to all types and sizes of vessels. From pulling your 22" skipjack down to cruising here in your 150' yacht La Paz can accommodate most all your needs.

La Paz is a port of entry with all the necessary officials.

Note: There are tons of do's and don't when bringing your vessel into foreign waters. We don't pretend to be professionals so we "highly" recommend contacting the various Marina's prior to departure to make arrangements and reservations.

Marina Costa Baja
Carr. a Pichilingue Km 7.5
(612) 121-6225
Marina de La Paz
Topete 3040 y Legaspy
(612) 125-2112
Marina Palmira
Carr. a Pichilingue Km 2.5
(612) 123-7000

Marina Singlar & Ship Yard Marina Abaroa & Ship Yard
Topete y Navarro 265
(612) 122-2166
Marina El Palmar & Ship Yard
Berkovich Ship Yard

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